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Customized wooden gadgets in Palermo

All about us

Fantasie di Legno is specialized in selling customized wooden gadgets in Palermo. For more than 8 years we have been selecting and finding the most beautiful toys produced by the best manufacturers. We have been to Italy, France, UK, Austria, Netherlands, Germany and Spain, to look for someone who shared our values in making toys. We have looked for the same passion to entertain with conscience, using a natural material like wood, studying toys that could also educate in a proper way. Therefore we have selected the best toys that combine ludic and educational features. Toys for everybody, from younger to older children, which create cheerful moments. They help develop manual skills and intelligence in younger children and logic in older children. We have created a shop of the old times, which is like a jump in the past with a great variety of choice and many chances to have fun, learning from what you are doing. We have become amazingly keen on such true and personal toys, which recall memories and emotions. With the heart full of these feelings, we would like to give our children the same chance to grow fond of a toy, to grow with it and create moments of real fun. We would like to give them the chance to become so attached to a toy that, when in many years they bump into their favourite one, they will be touched. We would like to help today’s grown-ups jump in the past, while caressing the cockhorse they used as children, and be happy and smiling because the toy is not out of production as they thought. We would like to give everybody the opportunity to learn while having fun, grow while playing, develop logic and imagination in a natural and cheerful way. Our toys actually stimulate the child’s reasoning, manual and creativity skills, combining educational and ludic features. They guarantee many hours of learning through games and fun, playing a great pedagogical role. They are made with a vital material like wood, which gets warm and cold to the touch and can be safely put into the mouth, enabling the child to have a healthy relation with the toy. Not only! Our toys are also meant for older children and studied to improve their intellect. The result is this shop, which simply offers a wide range of items, all made of wood.

Our story

Everything started from our passion for the toys of the past, which had a soul and an emotional value. The ones that, despite the passing of time, managed to get to us and now are fascinating with their experience. We have travelled to find cockhorses, wooden construction sets and all those toys, which have entertained and fascinated many generations, but today have been replaced by sterile and passionless toys. Toys which are not entertaining and do not build anything. We wanted to offer another way to have fun, different from the one we were seeing around us. We have decided to avoid the sterile plastic to focus on the more vital wood. We have decided to avoid those toys with lights and recorded voices, which lead to passive fun, and we have chosen to dedicate our passion to toys improving the children’s creativity, imagination and cognitive development. We have chosen to offer different and intrinsically ethic toys. Toys which are not meant to entertain our children, so that they do not disturb while we are doing something else. We have chosen to find toys that were able to transform our children’s playing time into quality, which enabled them to grow, developing their intelligence and character. This choice has become the right one and has led us towards a path where we were not alone. We had the desire to offer this kind of “out of fashion” service, but we have found many people who were looking for other kinds of healthier, more intelligent and involving fun. This meeting led us to big satisfactions. In addition to the Sicilian families, we are proud of being chosen by crèches, kindergartens and pedagogic centres which put the child’s health and growth in the first place, since they are few months old. This meeting enabled us to create a magic shop, where you feel the desire to become a child again to fully try all our wide catalogue. If you are looking for a different, special toy, which is not meant only to entertain, but which is constructive and educational, come visit us at Fantasie di Legno. You will find all our customized wooden gadgets in Palermo: we are all available to answer your questions and find the best toy to satisfy your needs. We are motivated by passion and we will always try to find the most suitable product for you: the one which suits your needs or your child’s, the one which fills the empty space in your toy box, the one which offers you something new and different. A toy that differs from the ordinary and classic ones, a toy that holds all the typical beauty of the good old days. 

Today we continue to select new manufacturers and toys, in a constant research to get to a more and more precise and accurate selection, aimed to the specific needs of every child. In this way the playing activity becomes a unique and irreplaceable experience for grown-ups and kids alike.

Toys for all ages, because we are never too old to have fun..