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Wooden small trains and cockhorses
in Palermo

Timeless fun

Men have always exploited wood. It is versatile, solid; it has multiple uses, from building houses to sculptures. In the last century, unfortunately, many different materials have substituted it: cheaper, easier to find, quicker materials, which led wood to fall into disuse, go out of fashion. Among the products it was used for, the creation of toys played an important role. A slow, artistic creation, which required the manual skills of an artisan, who left a little piece of his heart in the toy. The toysmade in this way became a real artwork, with a life on their own, and accompanied children during their childhood, becoming part of the family.
With the discovery of plastic, wood immediately became useless. It was too expensive and required too much work. It was not important if it was more solid, because plastic allowed a bigger production than the one made by a wood artisan. When you mass-produce there is another feature that disappears: the soul of the object. In a whirlwind of lights and recorded voices, we have lost the beauty of natural wood, that Fantasie di Legno wants rediscover. Wooden toys are beautifully different. Just think about the carillons or the small theatres, which are kept in our memories or the building blocks or cubes, which we used to have fun with when we were children. At Fantasie di Legno, we want to give a new life to the wooden toys and make you discover the beauty of toys like wooden small trains and cockhorses in Palermo. In addition to beauty, solidity and vitality, they have a huge pedagogic value for your children.

There are many reasons why you should choose a wooden toy:

• They are made of a natural material. Wood is vegetal and recyclable, you couldn’t ask for more!
• They are timeless and evergreen toys. Wood has been one of the first materials used for making toys, from tops to doll’s houses, from small trains to cockhorses.
• They are resistant. Wood is a solid and resistant, long-lasting material and the toys can be passed down to younger brothers or cousins, keeping their features intact.
• They are safe. The toys are made with natural materials painted with non toxic paints. If they fall down, there is no risk they splinter like plastic toys and become sharp. Furthermore, they are easy to clean: you just need to wipe them clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner and wipe dry with a clean cloth. They are ready to be used again.
• They boost imagination. But also coordination, motor and intellectual skills. Wooden toys do not overstimulate, like some technological toys, but they are versatile and offer many variations according to the mood of the moment!
• They are cheap. We want to debunk the myth of the expensive wooden toy. All our products have an excellent value for price.
• And finally, no one gets rid of wooden toys! Wooden toys are going to live with your family forever! What do your children love to play with?